Monday, August 5, 2013

Business Travel In The 4G World A Game Changer

World seem much different from the first , especially when traveling in an area with 4G network or network LCE . The reason is that you have all the information known to man at your fingertips or through your voice and Siri digital personal friend . Business travelers no longer have to worry that they are not getting the information they need about their journey , they can no longer fool by some local dealers at the airport , a taxi , or from the driver , concierge , or shoes - diamonds .

In fact , no need to ask for directions , vector until you find what you were looking for , or worry about driving a luxury car rental to the wrong neighborhood . Your personal technology tool will not let you , because you have a GPS real time , alerts , and all the knowledge of where you are going along with instant traffic updates . Yes , you are no doubt - is being tracked by several agencies , but as long as it's not your competitors , what do you care anyway - " go business traveler - you go " as the commercial says .

And if there is a low-cost , alternative route, or a smart place to eat a suitable allowance for expenses or needs , you pre - told just about the time you get hungry as AI software know how you think , the time zone where you are coming from and the typical time to eat . As Google says , current algorithms can know what you want before you do it , scary yes , but comfortable , hell yes !

All this is possible because of the ability of our new communications network bandwidth , yes , wireless 4G is a huge game changer for the tourist industry , and while it may put some people out of business , believe me , it will make your journey a heck of a lot easier . You will maneuver through an unknown city as if you know every shortcut , street gang , and grew up in the neighborhood , but you never stepped foot in the city or town a day in your life .

Gotta love the future , but wait there is more , if you order now you get a free Genzu Knives , and operators standing - yes this is a new world , a world of digital and real blur , coming to you at the speed of thought - and you thought it would be years until all of these are available , do not , it's here now , just wait until you try it , you will wonder how on earth you ever got by without it .

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