Monday, August 5, 2013

Blog Author : 3 Reasons To Use Copyscape

For a serious writer who blogs , has stolen and repurposed content is a nightmare . Stolen content is very common , this is a nasty form of piracy . Most often, the content of the website and rotating glow with the software to make it a little different . More often than not , the content pirates will never get caught and they will sell the content in article marketing sites and have a cheap website that pretends to offer a legitimate copy . Fortunately , for serious business use content marketing in their formula , there is a tool to help fight petty crime and hateful as the writing industry .

1.1 Overview Copyscape

Copyscape is a tool used by the company and the author of the blog to check for duplicated and plagiarized content . Businesses can use copyscape in a variety of ways to protect their content assets and websites of harsh punishment . You can run through the individual article checker free or Premium Copyscape their products . The second alternative is a powerful way to determine the quality of the blog , articles or other written content . You can also run your website through their online checker to find duplicated content may appear in other places online .

If you are the original owner of the content , you can follow a systematic guide on how to deal with content theft . You will of course need proof , such as time stamps and possibly a physical copy of the article in order to combat theft . If you buy content from a blog writer , you have to run their content through Copyscape to measure the quality and originality . Using Copyscape will only take about 2-5 minutes of your time and reasonably priced ( 05 cents run ) .

Three reasons to Copyscape

    Check duplicated or plagiarized content
    Protect your content investment
    Decline in financial losses

These are three reasons for using Copyscape . Protect your online business from harm is a key step in the fight against piracy of any kind . You will save a lot of migraines , loss of cash and valuable time . Check stolen content will help prevent future fraud attacks . If you get stolen content and find the owner , you have to warn them about the theft and return a copy to them . Protect your investment by using Copyscape , every real blog author will fix any problems arising from checks . There is a ton of content will be online every day ; would be a simple and honest mistake . Reduce the risk of financial loss by running a scan on any content you buy in bulk or from potentially shady website .

The difference between 1.2 and Copyscape Copyscape Premium

There is a big difference between free and copyscape premium products . Your blog writers can use the free version to quickly scan their content and make changes as necessary . You must use the premium for a detailed report on the content . Anyone can access both versions at any time . Free checker will allow you to scan your web pages for duplicated content . Premium version allows you to insert an article into the search function and you can check out any hits that Copyscape back . The free version is very limited but can provide insight to run a deeper scan .

Premium version offers detailed set of tools to help you combat theft and other issues . You can check the blog author their content at.05 cents run and you have to buy credits first. Premium features will allow for centralized billing on a single platform . You can use the integrated tracking for some cases , batch search and API for developers to run automated detection on your site . You can insert the URL or the article itself to scan detection .

1.3 Content Theft Warning on Your Website

For many businesses , the use of content on a regular basis , such as the marketing agent for freelancing creative designers . Using content theft - a warning text block on the site can be a powerful prevention . Copyscape offers that you can emplace banners on your site to help ward off pirates . Blog writers or other writers can quickly write larceny unique memorial that you can put on the appropriate page . It will be visible and easy to read . The most important aspect is to follow the line of the warning .

1.4 Purchase Content for Your Business

You should avoid buying new content for your business ? Which obviously does not exist but there is a smarter way to look for the leading content providers . Always investigate the potential hiring a blog writer . Check their credentials , get a recommendation from the association or even ask detailed questions for potential candidates . Talking with potential providers is not difficult , most professionals have some way to contact them , a strong presence and experience to the content you need done . They may offer a guarantee for their work and do not let the price fool you . Cheap authors offer limited capabilities and default values ​​. You get what you pay for and sometimes it was a frustrating experience dealing with the project , but keep looking and keep your email open for the right provider .

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