Monday, August 5, 2013

Build Customer Relationships When You Have An Online Company

Online business is one of the most difficult businesses to go . This is because you never actually meet face to face with your customers , so that they do not have a picture in their head of who you are . This sometimes means that loyalty does not exist . They can just go to the cheapest website and do not care about them as long as they do not spend a lot of money .

One way to get around this is to have a picture of yourself on the logo . It does not have to be a picture or something like it , could be like a version of your avatar . It's just that when they think about your business , it's become more personal , and they are more likely to want to shop with you . They will imagine you doing all the work yourself to get the item shipped out , even if you have full employment behind you .

Another way to connect with your customers is to send them a postcard monthly or quarterly basis . This does not mean you send them postcards from all the places you have traveled , this will only make them jealous . This means sending them a postcard thanking them for their business and then give them a special offer .

Special offers can be in the form of code , with their initials in the code so that they feel like it is personal to them , or just a generic percentage off when they spend so much money . This will make them feel like they are valued and they will be more inclined to spend money in the store , and they will be more likely to have repeat business .

You should try to have some sort of relationship with customers because they need to feel loyalty to you . If they just blindly sit in front of their computers , looking for the cheapest item , they will be shopping on the go . You need to stand out among other online businesses so that they will use you again .

Looks like a postcard can be a lot of work , especially if you do it as often as once a month and you have a large mailing list . However , if you outsource postcards , you can simply pay a company to do the work for you .

There is an online printing company that will design the cards , print them and then send them to you . You just need to make sure all the details are correct and they are paid on time . You also have to provide a mailing list of course .

If you are thinking of using the postcard and you 're wondering if you should hire a printing company or not , there are two things to consider . Price and time required to conduct its own postcard . If it will take you weeks to do a postcard and a reasonable price , then you should definitely outsource . If you are a computer wizz , then think about doing it yourself .

You also have the option to hire a staff member to do the postcard , but it would involve paying their salaries and this will definitely be more expensive than hiring a professional printing company .

Online business is difficult to establish , but once they are up and running and you have a customer mailing list , they can be easier to maintain than a regular business . You just need to get a little creative with your marketing strategy and reward customers who are loyal to you .

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